Friday, September 26, 2014

Navratri collection (day-3) Mirror work blouse

Swarnagiri.kalam is celebrating 9 days of Mother Divine - Navratri

                                                         Day-3  SRI  ANNAPURNA DEVI

 Parvati Devi is worshipped as Annapurna, the Goddess of Nourishment. Goddess Annapurna has many names.  She is variously described as:

  • She who is full, complete and perfect with food and grains
  • She who gives nourishment
  • She who is the strength of Shiva
  • She who is the grantor of knowledge
  • She who takes away all fear
  • She who is the Supreme welfare
  • She who manifests truth and efficiency
  • She who is beyond Maya
  • She who is the cause of creation and dissolution
  • She who is Adi Sakthi

                                                                 Blouse code sw36
This is banjara mirror work blouse with lots of colours. I always choose many colours so that my blouses will  match to any saree.
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